BMW E60 Window Winder Mech 'n' Motor Rear Left also E61 Part 7184745 Ref: 50472

  • £39.95

     BMW 5 Series E60 Saloon & Tourer Rear Left Window Mech 'n' Motor
  • Genuine OEM BMW part in a used condition hence will show some cosmetic marks or scratches.
  • BMW Mech Part No: 51357184745 / 51357075673
  • Checked and tested before removal.
  • It's advisable for a vehicle electrician to fit your part.
  • For enquiries please call us on 0121 544 9444
Part 51357184745 (Window lifter, rear left) was found on the following vehicles: 

E60 520d Saloon, Europe
E60 523i Saloon, Europe
E60 525d Saloon, Europe
E60 525i Saloon, Europe
E60 525xi Saloon, Europe
E60 530d Saloon, Europe
E60 530i Saloon, Europe
E60 530xd Saloon, Europe
E60 530xi Saloon, Europe
E60 535d Saloon, Europe
E60 540i Saloon, Europe
E60 550i Saloon, Europe
E60 M5 Saloon, Europe

E60N 520d Saloon, Europe
E60N 520i Saloon, Europe
E60N 523i Saloon, Europe
E60N 525d Saloon, Europe
E60N 525i Saloon, Europe
E60N 525xd Saloon, Europe
E60N 525xi Saloon, Europe
E60N 530d Saloon, Europe
E60N 530i Saloon, Europe
E60N 530xd Saloon, Europe
E60N 530xi Saloon, Europe
E60N 535d Saloon, Europe
E60N 540i Saloon, Europe
E60N 550i Saloon, Europe

E61 520d Touring, Europe
E61 523i Touring, Europe
E61 525d Touring, Europe
E61 525i Touring, Europe
E61 525xi Touring, Europe
E61 530d Touring, Europe
E61 530i Touring, Europe
E61 530xd Touring, Europe
E61 530xi Touring, Europe
E61 535d Touring, Europe
E61 550i Touring, Europe

E61N 520d Touring, Europe
E61N 520i Touring, Europe
E61N 523i Touring, Europe
E61N 525d Touring, Europe
E61N 525i Touring, Europe
E61N 525xd Touring, Europe
E61N 525xi Touring, Europe
E61N 530d Touring, Europe
E61N 530i Touring, Europe
E61N 530xd Touring, Europe
E61N 530xi Touring, Europe
E61N 535d Touring, Europe
E61N 550i Touring, Europe
E61N M5 Touring, Europe

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Please provide your car registration for verification of compatibility and we will check this for you with pleasure.

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